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Maintenance free battery


BOST batteries come in two variants :


BOST PREMIUM batteries are designed for vehicles with higher energy demands,
featuring special plates in the standard battery case that significantly increase capacity and cranking amps.
These batteries are also tailored for extreme cold temperatures in Russia.

  • The manufacturing process of BOST batteries incorporates advanced technologies to ensure exceptional energy and enhanced security.


  • Full Maintenance free battery
    Due to very low battery drain and water flow, BOST battery does not need any maintenance during all period of using. It undoubtedly makes our accumulators to be very easy in handling which provide perfect comfort for driver.
  • Absolute security and consistent cranking amps
    Because of special design of punched grid and new technology of producing pasting compound, BOST battery provide ultra-high cranking amps, supreme energy efficiency and security starting of engine even in very cruel weather conditions.
  • Long-lasting operational lifetime and increased battery durability
    BOST batteries provide much more long operational lifetime among other accumulators, due to advanced technologies of producing grid and its special alloy composition, special plates.
  • Wide specification range
    BOST batteries have wide range of models and specifications. That fact provides a big assortment to choose battery for any automobile type (Japanese, European, American, cars with higher demand of energy using and cranking amps). Also production line has batteries for yachts, powerboats, golf-buggies and autocampings.
  • Construction Features and Benefits of BOST battery


Features Advantages
Powerful Punched Grid Design
  • High purity Calcium-Tin alloy
  • Improves corrosion resistance & longer life in high temperature
  • Minimizes self-discharge and enhances cold cranking power
  • Low electric resistance design
  • Smooth and quick electrical flow to provide stable starting power
  • Full framed round edge grid
  • Strong physical strength
  • Minimization of grid growth
  • Prevention of short-circuit
  • Applying wide-bridge & strong adhesion of active materials
  • Internal short circuit protection
Advanced Center Lug & Cast-On-Strap
  • Robust design
  • Improves inner vibration
  • Enhances battery life
  • Powerful welding
  • Perfect starting power
Hot Melting
  • Provides the static of plate and reduces vibration
  • Extends the battery life cycle
  • Minimizes loss of active materials
  • Prevents short circuit due to the grid growth
  • Low electric resistance
  • Enhances starting power
  • High corrosion and vibration resistance
  • Prevents short circuit, improves vibration durability and life cycle
  • Sufficient inside Space
  • High capacity
Micro Fiber & Special Tissue
  • Enhances adhesion of active materials
  • Increasing of durability of plates and service life
  • Increases of porosity and reaction surface area
  • Improves starting power
  • Exclusive Patented Terminals
    (made by HOFFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS, Germany )
  • Prevent acid leakage
  • High resistance to corrosion
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