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gear OIL

  • Product Summary Hanata Gear EP is a long life span Gear Oil designed with improved technology to meet future standards. Additionally, superior base oil combined with cutting edge additives makes transition of power from engine to transmission extremely smooth & efficient.
  • Characteristics
    • Lengthening exchange cycle due to long life span oil
    • Increasing life span of gear – preventing sediment production due to excellent oxidation stability
    Hanata Gear Oil is a lubricating oil used for the closed type gears operating under severe conditions which is manufactured from base oil with high viscosity index of which solvent is refined out. Also it contains unique additive,shows outstanding wear resistance, friction reduction, strong oxidation stability, corrosive & bubble prevention properties.
  • Characteristics
    • High load resistance due to forming tough oil film layer
    • Preventing sludge occurrence under high temperatures due to high oxidation & heat stability
    • Applicable for broad range of temperature condition due to low pour point and high viscosity index Rules out abnormal wear of gear due to high bubble prevention & anti-emulsification properties
  • Use
    • For gears of general machineries
    • For closed type gears operating under severe condition with heavy load where wear resistance is required
hanata Density g/cm3
mm2/s @100.C
r Point.C
1 EP4 API GL4 80W90 0.882 14.6 105 236 -32.5
2 EP4 API GL4 85W140 0.891 25.1 104 232 -17.5
3 EP5 API GL-5 80W90 0.885 14.8 106 222 -35.0